Becoming a Grower

To become a sugar beet grower, whether for production or fodder, please review the steps below:

1. Ensure you have enough land for rotation:

Sugar beets require a 1-in-4 year rotation (2-in-8 years if canola is grown). One must ensure they have enough land to manage such rotations.

2. Review your land location and growing requirements:

All sugar beets are grown within two hours from Taber, throughout the following areas: Coaldale, Tempest, Picture Butte, Vauxhall, Enchant, Taber, and Burdett/Bow Island.
Not only does one's land need to be within those areas, but the land must also be irrigated. 
Finally, ensure access to the equipment required for sugar beets, including a defoliator, digger, or self-propelled unit.

3. Understand the regulations:

There are four sets of regulations that oversee the production and marketing of sugar beets. Click on each title to view them and gain a better understanding of how the industry operates.

A) Sugar Beet Production and Marketing Regulation
B) Sugar Beet Marketing Plan Regulation
C) Alberta Sugar Beet Growers Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration Regulation
D) Alberta Sugar Beet Growers Authorization Regulation

4. Become a licensed producer:

To be allotted quota, one must become a licensed producer by filling out the form below and submitting it to the ASBG office (

Application for Registration for the Production and Marketing of Sugar Beets

5. Gain access to quota:

Sugar beets are a regulated product under the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act. Therefore, no new quota is being issued. To obtain quota, one must wait until a present grower(s) is willing to transfer some of theirs to the new individual.

6. Receive your contract:

Upon becoming a licensed producer and receiving a transfer of quota, a contract from the processor will be issued. Once issued, one is now responsible for growing that amount of quota in the area designated on the contract.

Application to Grow Sugar Beets for Fodder

In 2020, the ASBG Marketing Board issued a change in the regulations to produce sugar beets for fodder. If a producer wishes to grow sugar beets for fodder, they must complete the form below and return it to the ASBG office.

Information Regarding the Use of Sugar Beets as a Cover Crop or Feedbeets/Fodder

Acknowledgement of Sugar Beets Grown for Fodder

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