Products Using AB Sugar

Featured below are some of the incredible Canadian businesses who use Alberta-grown sugar. To verify if the sugar in your kitchen is a 100% Canadian product, look for the black factory stamp on any bag from Rogers Sugar. If the first two numbers begin in '22,' that guarantees the product inside is locally made from Alberta-grown sugar beets. 

Trouble Monk

Based out of Red Deer, Alberta, Troubled Monk creates 'craft beverages that are worth sharing!'

They believe that great drinks don't need fake ingredients and they make sure their receipes are of the highest quality. In fact, that's one of the many reasons why they use #ABsugar22!

Bee & Thistle Winery

Bee & Thistle Winery is a Veteran, family-owned award-winning fruit winery in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Most of the fruit they use is grown in Peter and Margie MacInnis’ Bee & Thistle Orchard and Collin MacInnis’ Ravensfield Estate Orchard.

To see why this award-winning winery uses Alberta Beet Sugar as it's sugar of choice, visit here.

Jam's Airdrie

"It's a breakfast spot."
And to make their breakfast even better, a variety of handmade jams and jellies are available to enjoy at the table or take home for purchase.

But the sweetest part of enjoying their spreads might just be the fact that they are all made with #ABsugar22!

Back 40 Distillery

Back 40, a Camrose, Alberta distillery, crafts their drinks while maintaining a goal of being completely unique.

But what makes them so unique? All of their products are 100% gluten free, specificically using Alberta-grown sugar beets as their base ingredient instead of grain.


What better way to relax than with bath products that are eco-frieindly, non-toxic, and cruelty-free?

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Bathisserie creates bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and bubble truffle scoops featuring our 100% Canadian sugar!

Pivot Spirits

Located in Rolling Hills, Pivot Spirits provides a unique taste, personal touches, and sustainable practices to everything that they produce.

And that most definitely applies to their 'Rumination' product, a rum-style spirit that is made with #ABsugar22!

Skunkworks Distillery

This Calgary-based distillery offers a variety of premium moonshines that are "smoother than bald tires on a snow day."

And, of course, contributing to their great taste is the sugar from our Alberta-grown sugar beets!

Le Panier Plein

This Calgary-based bake shop maintains a goal of creating food sensations, memories, and joys.

Each ingredient is designed to shine, all while being complimented by a unique pairing -- which also goes for our Alberta-grown sugar. 

Rig Hand Distillery

Rig Hand is a proud local producer of whiskey, rum, vodka, and liquers - all which are crafted in Nisku, Alberta.

Alongside their main product lines, they also offer 'Brum,' a special format of rum which is made using Alberta-grown sugar beet molasses!

Habaneros Mexican Grill

The signature dessert at Habaneros Mexican Grill in Leduc, Alberta proudly uses #ABsugar22!

This semi-frozen, creamy chocolate cheesecake filling is wrapped in a hot flaky pastry and drizzled in chocolate - a true dessert worth the stop!

Sugar Mama Baked Goods

Based out of Taber, Alberta, Sugar Mama Baked Goods proudly offers a variety of different sweets and treats that utilize #ABsugar22!

If you're ever in Southern Alberta, watch out for the Sugar Mama booth at local tradeshows and farmer's markets!

Friceys Prairie Fruit Pops

Ever dreamed of walking through a sunny orchard, enjoying the fresh fruit in a popsicle? Well, your dream is now a reality with Friceys Prairie Fruit Pops. 
The best part is that they are all made from local and Canadian ingredients - right down to the sugar.

Vitalaberry Farms

This group of orchards in Western Canada has teamed up to produce top quality haskap berries - grown sustainably and with passion.
Their Vitalaberry Gourmet Haskap Topping proudly features #ABsugar22, following their emphasis on local and sustainable.

Bailey's Bake Sale

Bailey's Bake Sale operates out of Lethbridge, Alberta, providing delicious breads, squares, and baked goods to the community! But what makes them even sweeter is that #ABsugar22 is used!

French 50 Bakery

Located in Okotoks, Alberta, this micro-bakery specializes in crafting delicious breads, scones, baguettes, cruffins, and croissants - all while utilizing our farmer's locally grown sugar in their kitchen!

Yum Bakery

This is one name that speaks for itself!
Located in Calgary, Alberta, Yum Bakery offers fresh breads, cakes, tarts, jam, macaroons, muffins, cookies, pies, and scones - all while utilizing #ABsugar22 in their kitchen!

Tae's Bake House

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Tae's Bake House produces adorable and tasty baked goods for order! From croissants, to macaroons, pies, cakes, and even steam buns, there is truly something for everyone! And it only gets sweeter knowing that #ABsugar22 is used in her kitchen!

Bee Keepers

Sugar isn't just only for humans! Our local farmers are very thankful for all of the beekeepers across the prairie provinces who utilize beet sugar to feed their bees.

We might be a little biased, but we think it makes their honey extra sweet!

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