The ASBG Story

Alberta Sugar Beet Growers (ASBG) was established in 1925, the same year that the Canadian Sugar Factories plant was build in Raymond. As a Marketing Board, ASBG is responsible to its farm families, providing the following support and services to help them produce a sustainable and ethical crop: 

-Advocacy to all levels of government and stakeholders;
-Education about the sugar beet crop and agricultural industry;
-Administration of sugar beet quota for the growth of the crop;
-Research to develop and expand the industry;
-Negotiation of pricing contracts with processor(s).
Originally established in Lethbridge, the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers office is now based in Taber, Alberta. This small town is home to Canada's last operating sugar beet factory, and as such, ASBG represents the 200 Southern Alberta farm families who supply the refinery with sugar beets. As a result, all sugar produced in this location is a 100% Canadian product. However, this product can only be made possible given the 200 local farmers who continue to grow the crop, ensuring there is a sustainable and ethical source of sugar for canadian families. 

Want to learn more about the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers?

Click here to visit an article written by Steffi Reynolds in correlation with the Galt Museum, describing the deep history that the sugar beet industry has had on Alberta.
Alberta Sugar Beet Growers

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