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Nutritional Information:

Through photosynthesis, the natural process of turning sunlight into energy, all green plants produce sugar (sucrose). Whether your body gets sucrose from fruit, vegetables, honey, maple syrup, or table sugar, each gram of sucrose is used in the same way by the body, supplying 4 calories of energy per gram. In one teaspoon of sugar, there are 15 calories.

All beet sugar is real sugar: a natural, plant-based product.


The Rogers Sugar Factory in Taber is the last operating sugar beet refinery in Canada. Here, the sugar beets go through the following process to be turned into sugar:
1. Sugar beets are washed to remove dirt and debris
2. The sugar beets are sliced into thin, potato-like 'shoe-string' strips, called cossettes.
3. The cossettes are boiled, which pulls the sucrose out of the thin strips, creating a raw juice.
4. Once the sucrose has been removed, the remaining fibre from the cossettes is pressed, dried, and turned into pellets for livestock feed. 
5. The raw juice moves into a clarification process where impurities are removed through filtration.
6. The sugar in the juice is then crystallized through the clarification process and is spun using large centrifuges.
7. The sugar that has been spun out is then dried and is ready for packaging and shipping.  

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