Featured Grower - Kasper Muller

Meet Kasper Muller!

Hi, my name is Kasper Muller and I operate under the name Muller Ventures Inc.  I have been farming since I was 18 so this is the 25th year I have been farming.  I farm in the Bow Island area.

What crops/animals do you produce/raise?
The crops that we grow are sugar beets, seed canola, dry beans, winter wheat, hard red spring wheat, durum, lentils and some mustard.

Why do you grow sugar beets?
We grow sugar beets because they can be a good source of income, they space out the harvest and now, with Roundup ready it also allows us to clean up our fields from some nasty weeds and diseases.  It has a four-year rotation that also works well with the other crops we grow.

Why did you choose farming as your career?
I had been helping out on the farm since my early teens and at the age of 18 I was able to purchase my first quarter with the help of my parents.  I never really chose farming it was just that I never imagined myself doing anything else.

What do you picture the future of sugar beets looking like?
I believe there will always be a need for sugar as everything tastes like garbage without it!  Once these “health nuts” figure out that everything in moderation is okay we should see an increase!

Do you farm with family?
Yes, I farm with my dad and brother.  My two oldest sons (15 and 12) have also shown an interest in the farm by helping out with daily tasks, picking rocks, pulling volunteer canola in beet fields and even a little pivot servicing.  My youngest son Kael (9) also helps to scout fields and is excellent at finding uninvited pests and diseases.  My wife Lindsay has taken on the task of helping me do the farm books and keeping us fed.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to spend time with my wife and children, check out my friend’s crops, do yard work and take little weekend trips to wherever.

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